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Wives of Captain James Brown Photo Gallery

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1.  Martha Stephens (1806-1840)

        No photo available.

2.  Susan Foutz (1823-1842)

        No photo available.

3.  Esther Jones Roper (1811-1898)


4.  Sarah Steadwell (1814-1893)

5.  Abigail Smith Abbott (1806-1889)


Abigail Smith Abbott
c.1880, 74 yrs.

 courtesy:  Eliza Skousen Brown

Abigail Smith Abbott
c.1885, 79 yrs.

 courtesy:  Daughters UT Pioneers Album



6.  Mary McRee Black (1820-1907)


Mary McRee Black
c.1897, 77 yrs.
 courtesy:  Albert & Joan Clark


7.  Phoebe Abigail Abbott (1831-1914)

Phoebe Abigail Abbott
c.1868, 37 yrs.

courtesy: Martha Brown Davis

Phoebe Abigail Abbott
c.1886, 55 yrs.

courtesy: Gus Brown
Phoebe Abigail Abbott
c.1893, 62 yrs.

courtesy: Patrick Brown
Phoebe Abigail Abbott
c.1906, 75 yrs.

courtesy: Eliza Skousen Brown

8.  Cecelia Henrietta Cornue (1825-1882)


Cecelia Henrietta Cornue
c.1875, 50 yrs.
 courtesy: Lorinda Tyler-Pohontsch


9.  Mary Wollerton (1814-1877)

10.  Darthula Catherine Shupe (1834-1911)


11.  Lavinia Sarah Mitchell (1837-1905)

12.  Harriet Wood (1834-1873)


13.  Maria Mitchell (1843-1923)


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