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Brown Family History Library

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     Welcome to our Family Genealogies section!  As a family and public service, we are pleased to list here the GEDCOM Genealogy Files involving William and Margret BROWN extended family members, who have submitted their names to our Library/Center.

     We are currently updating the best GEDCOM Genealogy Files available and organizing them into separate major family surnames for easier access and use.

     We hope this list facilitates full cooperation among all who are doing, or want to do, genealogy research, and will save duplication, time, work and energy. 

     PLEASE SHARE YOUR ACCURATE GENEALOGY INFORMATION, or GEDCOM Genealogy Files by SURNAME.  To have your information  listed here, please send it or GEDCOMs to librarian.brownhistory@gmail.com.  Please note that we are strongly committed to privacy.  We do not publish data on living persons in these genealogies.  See our Privacy Policy.  Thank you.

     Each Genealogist, of course, is responsible for his/her own GEDCOM Genealogy Files.   Please contact them directly to coordinate your efforts.

    Please see Genealogists for the Genealogists and their Genealogy Research Projects involving William and Margaret BROWN extended family members.

     Please see Historians for the History Projects involving William and Margaret BROWN extended family members.

     Please see Research Projects for the Research Projects involving William and Margaret BROWN extended family members.

     Please see Donors who have made contributions to our Library/Center, and their relationship to William and Margaret Brown.

     Family GEDCOM Genealogy Files

     Note: You may search this brownhistory.org website for any person or any subject by using Google.  In the Google search window, first type the name of this website (brownhistory.org) without quotes and second the name in quotes of the person or subject you want to search, for example:  brownhistory.org "orson pratt brown".  Then search.       


Family GEDCOM Genealogy Files Index

        Caution Remember that any genealogy file is only as accurate as those who made it, and that every file is subject to human error, e.g.,  inaccuracies in source records, in understanding information, and in entering it in a file.  Therefore, be very careful in about what is "written" on these genealogy files until you have verified the source record information.

William Brown (c.1717 - Feb./Aug.1772) + Margret (c.1722 - aft.Nov.1772) Family: -- this file has William Brown's parents, all of his nine children appearing below, plus his grandchildren, and known spouses:

1 Charity Brown (~1743) +
   ____ Robson or Robeson or Robison
2 Hannah Brown (~1745) +
   Joseph Elliot
3 William Brown (~1747) +
    Dianna Davis
4 Constant Brown (~1749) +
   John Wynn or Winn
5 John Brown (~1751) 6 Susannah Brown (~1753)
7 Margaret or Peggy Brown (~1755) +
   1- Thomas Stillwell (~1755)
   2 - ______ Roberts
8 James Brown (1757-1823) +
   Mary or Polly Williams
9 Elizabeth Brown (~1759) +
   ______ Hendrix or Hendricks

James Brown (1757-1823) + Mary  or Polly Williams (c.1760-1827) Family: -- this file also has the following eleven children, and is more current:

1 Jane Brown (~1788-~1850/1858) +
   Michael Hughes
2 Mary (Polly) Brown (1790-1876) +
   James Stephens Brown
3 Nancy Brown (1792-1870) +
   1- James Newbury
   2 - William Critchlow
4 Susan Brown (~1793-bef1850) +
   Sion (Siren) Jackson
5 Martha or Patsy Brown (1794-1869) +
   David Boss
6 Williams Brown (1796-1884) +
    Nancy (Fanny) Warren
7 Obedience Brown (1799-1850) +
   Phillip Boss
8 James Brown (Captain) (1801-1860) +
   1- Martha Stephens
   2- 12 additional wives
9 Daniel Brown (1804-1875) +
   Elizabeth Stephens
10 Margaret Emmerson (~1782)
11 John Comstock (~1785)

O. James Brown Klein BROWN DNA Ancestors: -- this file shows his genealogy to Mrs. Brown
(c.1695), an Algonquian Abenaki Native American with Portuguese ancestry, living in the Vermont area.

- RELATED to BROWN's - With GEDCOM Genealogy Files -- in process

Robson /Robeson /Robison

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