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Brown Family History Center

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Extended Family Contacts

     Welcome to our Family Representatives section!  We are pleased to list here Individuals willing to be contacted regarding their family line of any William and Margret BROWN extended family members who submit such information to the Center.

     We hope this list facilitates full communication and cooperation among all who desire to contact other family members.  Please contact each Individual directly.  PLEASE SHARE YOUR FAMILY LINEAGE and list yourself here by sending your information to librarian.brownhistory@gmail.com.  Thank you.

     For other possible contacts with William and Margaret BROWN extended family member, please see the following:

Family Organizations and Groups
Research Projects

     These Family Representatives and Contacts are listed in chronological family order.

 Family Representatives and Contacts



Family Representatives and Contacts

Please Note: The following BROWN Descendents’ Email Addresses are provided at the request of family members only for the purposes of a) enhancing family communication and unity, and to further the research and sharing of accurate family genealogies, histories, diaries, records and photos; and b) making electronic copies of such information to place on a family Internet site for easy access by all family members. Please honor these purposes. Please also provide any corrections, additions, deletions and updates of this information to librarian.brownhistory@gmail.com for periodic updates. Thank you.

James Brown + Mary Williams     Children               Descendents                  Email Address

1.  Jane Brown Hughes                                              _______________

2.  Mary (Polly) Brown                   no children

3.  Nancy Brown                            no children

4.  Susan Brown Jackson                                           _______________

5.  Martha (Patsy) Brown Boss                                   _______________

6.  Williams Brown                                                      _______________

7.  Obedience Brown Boss                                        _______________

8.  James Brown (Captain, or CJB):

CJB’s Wives
   Children         Descendents

1.  Martha Stephens
         Alexander Brown:   Jayna Brown Quinn, jaynaq@exegesys.com
         James Moorehead Brown:     Albert B. / Joan Clark, Brown Pictures and Photos, abc31@onebox.com

2. Susan Foutz                 _______________

3. Ester Jones Roper      _______________

4. Sarah Steadwell      
        John Henry Brown:   Randy Thompson, CJB web site; CJB Old Diaries,
Chad Thompson, CJB web site, cthompso@bibbs.com  

5. Abigail Smith Abbott    _______________
    (Related to # 7)

6. Mary McRee Black   
        Mary Eliza Brown:   William J. Critchlow III,
                                        Tamra C. Goulding, ladygoulding@home.com

7. Phoebe A. Abbott   
    (Related to # 5)     
        Orson Pratt Brown + Martha Dianna Romney:   
                                     Orson P. Brown, OPBrown descendents address data base, opb@sginet.com 
                                        C. Weiler Brown, OPBrown history – working on 3rd edition, weiler@banta.com 
                                        Leona Brown Olsen, CJBrown lds ordinances data, olsn_ent@burgoyne.com 
                                        Mark Silver, Maps,
                                        James W. Brown
Lorna Brown lraty@sisna.com 
Michelle Brown baba@lgcy.com 
Chari Mower cmower@jps.net 

        Orson Pratt Brown + Jane Bodily Galbraith:
                                        Martha Brown Davis, 2001 OPBrown Reunion
, Chair, mbdavis@harborside.com 
Yvonne Whitt, New London, NC, ywhitt@rtmc.net 

        Orson Pratt Brown + Elizabeth (Bessie) Graham MacDonald:
                                        Taylor MacDonald, AF MacDonald Biography & Family Histor
Jessie Clawson jdc4lkc@earthlink.net 
Otto Shill, III
                                        Otto Shill, IV

        Orson Pratt Brown + Eliza Skousen:
                                        Jim Klein, Brown NC, Research, Letters, Diaries, etc. jimklein12@gmail.com
John Klein john.jak122h@gmail.com
                                        Mike Klein mike@pfstrategies.com 
                                        Steve Petrie spetrie@cox.net
                                        John Howell

        Orson Pratt Brown + Angela Gabaldon:
                                        Aron Brown, elenabrown@deseretonline.com 
                                        Elizabeth B. Jennings clrtrans@aol.com 
                                        Lucy Archer lucy.archer@parkcity.net 
                                        Russell/Arlene Shepherd shep@burgoyne.com 
                                        George R. Ferrara III kkjc@aol.com 
                                        Jeffrey M. Ferrara jfer960385@aol.com 
                                        Lilly Sue Bond lsbond@nedcomm.nm.org 
                                        George M. Hayden mhayden695@aol.com 
                                        Michael G. Murphy mikemurphy72@home.com 
                                        Stormy M. Shepherd stormyshep@aol.com 
                                        D. Megan Brown Vel mvel@edmail.com 
                                        Orson Pauly Brown

8. Cecilia H. R. Cornue James Brown Allen, jballen@aol.com
                                        Kristine A. Card, Greensboro, NC, kacard@aol.com

9. Mary Wollerton             _______________

10. Darthula C. Shupe    Holly T. Hansen, htholly@webpipe.net

11.  Lavinia H. Mitchell     _______________
        (Related to # 13)

12. Harriet W. Yancey _______________

13. Maria Mitchell _______________
        (Related to # 11)

***********  End of Captain James Brown Descendents  ************

9.  Daniel Brown           Erold C. Wiscombe, The Brown Family, Descendants of Daniel Brown 
                                                                             and Elizabeth Stephens, 801-355-6691
        William Brown:        Erold C. Wiscombe,  801-355-6691

        James Stephens:       Arlene Miller, 435-753-2586

10.  Margaret Emmerson Stillwell        _______________

11.  John Comstock                               _______________

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