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Research Sources

     As a family and public service, we are pleased to list here contact information of research sources of any William and Margret BROWN extended family members who have submitted such sources to our Library/Center.

     Please see Research Projects for the Research Projects involving William and Margret BROWN extended family members.

     Please see Special Collections for Inventory Lists of the Special Collections (photos, letters, journals, certificates, documents, bibles, books, maps, etc.), involving William and Margret BROWN extended family members.

     Please see Family Links for the Internet sites of William and Margret BROWN extended family members.

     Please see Other Links for the Internet sites other significant Internet sites involved in family genealogy and history.

     Site sponsors, of course, are responsible for their own sites.   Visitors to these sites are responsible for determining the accuracy or value of the content displayed there.

     The Library/Center only checks that the listed research contains either current or historical information about one, or more, verifiable extended family members.  We do not verify the accuracy or value of such information in any way.  And we are not responsible for, nor do we endorse, any content of such research sources in any way.

     These Research Sources are listed in alphabetical order.

Research Sources


Research Sources


Darthula Catherine SHUPE (1834 - 1911) was a wife of Captain James BROWN.  Her parents were Andrew Jackson Shupe and Elizabeth Creager.  Shupe Family History items and publications are available from:

Holly T. Hansen
1950 North 6900 East
Croydon, Utah 84018


Eva Hopkins
Chesterton, Indiana


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