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Brown Family History Library

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Photo Gallery

     Welcome to our Family Photo Gallery!  We are pleased to show here ANY and ALL FAMILY PHOTOS involving William and Margret BROWN extended family members who submit a copy of their Photos to the Library/Center.

     See Photos of the area where the William and Margaret Brown family lived in North Carolina during the 1700s-1830s in the Photo Galleries below.

     Currently we are organizing our Photos and making digitized copies to uploaded to this Photo Galleries section.

     We are excited that our Family Photo Gallery will enable all family members to preserve and share the priceless Photos of our common ancestors, relatives and loved ones. 

     PLEASE SHARE YOUR BEST PHOTOS, and show them here by sending either your Photos so that we may convert them to digitized format, or as Photos attachments to your email to librarian.brownhistory@gmail.com.  Thank you!!

     If you need help or any technical assistance with your Photos, please feel free to contact our Library Photo Staff listed below.

Photo Galleries 


Photo Galleries

Old Brown Home Area in Old Rowan County (now Davidson County), N. C.

Jersey Baptist Church in Old Rowan County (now Davidson County), N. C.

Captain James Brown (1801-1863) Photos

    Wives of Captain James Brown Photos

    Children of Captain James Brown and Martha Stephens (1806-1840) Photos

    Children of Captain James Brown and Other Wives

Orson Pratt Brown (1863-1946) Family Photos

Daniel Brown (1804-1875) Family Photos

Miscellaneous Brown Family Photos

Library Photo Staff:

Send Photos:  By email to:  librarian.brownhistory@gmail.com.   By mail to:  Jim Klein, 2038 East Kael Circle, Mesa, AZ 85213.  Thank you!!
*  For technical assistance in scanning Photos for Internet compatibility, please contact:  Jim Klein or Angela Klein at librarian.brownhistory@gmail.com.
*  For technical assistance in taking or copying Photos, please contact:  Albert Brown and Joan Clark, 35 South 400 East, Kaysville, Utah 84037, 801-544-8015, abc31@onebox.com
*  Thank you!!

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