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Policies and Procedures

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Library/Center Policies and Procedures

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Our Library/Center
Users and Patrons
Donating Materials
Document Certification
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Copyrights and Owner Restrictions
Privacy Policy
Workers Wanted
Thank you!

Our Library/Center

     Welcome again to our Brown Family History Library/Center!  This is a unique Library/Center because it was created to be both used and donated to by EVERYONE – 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world!  Remember, it exists to provide a focal point for the collection, preservation, and sharing of accurate family history information.

     Our Library/Center really belongs to all of us, and will be as good and successful as we make it.

     EVERYONE is invited to get involved!  Do it for yourself, your descendents, your ancestors, your relatives, your friends, and for your family.

     Below is some important information that will help all of us in using and sharing our family history, in an accurate and orderly manner.

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Users / Patrons

     Users and Patrons of the Library/Center are its real purpose for being.  Without users or patrons, all of the valuable materials given by donors and displayed in the Library/Center would not be used, and therefore, useless.  Without donors, there would be no materials, and the Library/Center would not exit.

     It is important for users of materials found in the Library/Center to know and obey the U. S. copyright laws, and Library/Center policies and procedures for such use.  This allows the users, patrons, and Library/Center to comply with these requirements.  Donors and owners of materials posted here rightfully expect such compliance.  Please see Copyrights and Owner Restrictions and Donating Materials – Copyrights and Library/Center Restrictions on Donations and Privacy Policy below.  Thank you for your compliance.

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     Every family member is invited to be a donor of material(s) or services to the Library/Center.  Donors and Users of the Library/Center are its real purpose for being. Without donors, there would be no materials and no Library/Center.

     As long as your donations meet copyright requirements and the Library/Center standards for accuracy, we want them!  Please get involved in both using and donating accurate materials to our Library/Center.  Don’t delay!  Do it today!  The sooner you start donating some of your materials, the sooner others can enjoy and use them – 24 hours a day!

     It is important for Donors of documents, photos, other items and materials to the Library/Center to follow Library/Center policies and procedures so that their donations may be properly and legally posted in the Library or Center for all to use and enjoy.

     Please see the Donors section for a complete list of all donors, how to contact them, and their relation to William and Margaret BROWN.

     Please see Donating Materials below for how to donate your materials.

     Please see Workers Wanted below for how to help in the Library/Center.

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Donating Materials

     The Library/Center is actively seeking donations of all accurate materials relating in any way to the William and Margaret Brown Family that can be posted on this Internet web site.

     To donate your documents, photos, other items or materials to the Library/Center, please read the follow carefully.

     Donating your materials.  It takes time to convert standard documents, photos and other paper materials into computer files that can be uploaded to the Library/Center web site.  You may donate your materials in one of two ways.

1.  Do it yourself.  Please type or convert your own materials to a readable computer file, Microsoft Word for documents, or an appropriate photo file for pictures, with careful proofreading.  Then email the file(s) to librarian.brownhistory@gmail.com.  Please allow sufficient time for uploading your materials to the appropriate place in the Library/Center.  Remember, even if you do not own a computer, many public libraries have them available and would be happy to help you do this in their libraries, both the typing and the emailing.

2.  Ask for help. If you are not able to convert your own documents or photos, please let us know at librarian.brownhistory@gmail.com, and we will be happy to arrange help to get this done.  Our staffs at the Library and Center of participating cousins and friends are more than willing to help.

      Copyright and Library/Center Restrictions on Donations.  To assure proper legal compliance with all applicable laws, including U. S. copyright laws, the Library/Center fully supports such laws.  Therefore, any items or materials submitted to the Library/Center in any form for use by, or presentation in, the Library/Center are deemed by the Library/Center to automatically include all general and specific authorizations and permissions required by their donors and owners to the Library/Center for the Library/Center, without any cost or other obligation whatsoever to the donors or owners:  1) to reproduce, present, distribute, use, or sell at its cost, any of such items or materials, including doing any of the foregoing in any type of history made available to any person or the public in which the Library/Center participates, and 2) for all of such items and materials to be subject to the copyright laws applicable to the Library/Center.  Therefore, if the donors and owners of such items or materials do not want to grant such authorizations or permission to the Library/Center, they should not submit them.

     Please see Copyright and Owner Restrictions below.  If you have any questions or instructions regarding copyright issues or other restrictions involving your donations, please contact the Library/Center Coordinator, Jim Klein, by calling 480-969-0032, by mail to 2038 East Kael Circle, Mesa, Arizona 85312, or by email to librarian.brownhistory@gmail.com.  Thank you.

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     Document Certification.  To assure all concerned that every document, photo or item posted in the Library/Center is both accurate and available for appropriate public use, every such item donated to the Library/Center must be accompanied by a certification regarding its accuracy, source and copyright permission.  Examples of this certification can be seen immediately below in Document Data.

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     Document Data.   Every document, photo, or item posted in the Library/Center has its Document Data, which is normally listed at the end of the item.  The Document Data properly identifies 5 things:  1) Notes; 2) Sources; 3) Copyright; 4) Level of Accuracy; and 5) Certificate and Donors.

1.  Example.  Here is an example of Document Data at the end Erold Wiscombe's 700 page book on the Browns (Wiscombe's Book), the first 60 pages of which have been transcribed and are posted in the Library:

 Notes:         1. Bibliography footnotes bolded.  2. Numerical designations for  
                    a descendent with the same name made with normal, not   
                    footnote type, numbers.  3. [Bracket] comments by Jim Klein. 
                    4. Minor changes to format and spelling errors.  5. Page numbers
                    placed at the left margin.
Sources:      Wiscombe, Erold C., The Brown Family, Descendants of Daniel
                    Brown and Elizabeth Stephens. 1986.
Copyright:    Used by permission.
Level:           A (document verified and proofed by a person other than
                    transcriber or typist).
Certificate:    Document Donor:  Erold Wiscombe, June 5, 2000. 
                    Transcribed:  Maria and Lisa Klein, June 2 - 5, 2000.
                    Verified/Proofed:  Lisa Klein, Chris Layton, Angela Klein,
                    Maria Klein, and Jim Klein, June 25 - 28, 2000.  See Donors.
See Wiscombe's Book - Document Data for this actual data.

2.  Donors.  All donors are identified and honored by the Library/Center in the Donors section.  This list also tells how to contact them, and their relation to William and Margaret BROWN.

     An example of this Donor information follows:  Brown, James W., Brownsville Ranch, 3364 North Highway 162, Liberty, Utah 84310-9719, 801-745-1847, ranch@networld.com (William / James / James Brown(2) + Phoebe Abbott / Orson Pratt Brown + Martha Romney / Miles R. Brown + Florence Wilde Brown / James Wilde Brown).  See Donors - Brown, James W.

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Copyrights and Owner Restrictions

     All materials in the William and Margaret Brown Family History Library and Center are protected by United States copyright laws.  The creation of the Library/Center on the Internet is also protected by U. S. copyright laws, and all such rights have been reserved. Please see the copyright notice appearing at the bottom of each web page.

     United States copyright laws allow you to make a few copies of a portion of copyrighted materials only if used for private, scholarship or research purposes.  If your purpose is other than these, you must first get permission from the copyright owner.  Otherwise you may be held liable for copyright infringement.

     No other public or commercial reproduction, presentation, distribution, sale or use is permitted of these Library/Center materials without specific written permission of the by the owner of such materials.

     If you have any doubts, please contact the U. S. Copyright Office, Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave. S.E., Washington, D.C. 20559-6000.  For more information available on the Internet about copyright laws, see their official web site at http://www.copyright.gov .

    See also Donating MaterialsCopyrights and Library/Center Restrictions on Donations above.

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Privacy Policy

We are firmly commitment to privacy.  Here is our privacy policy for this web site:


If anyone finds any of their personal information on this website submitted by another without their permission, or if they have submitted it, and desire it to be removed, please send us your request and reason and we will act on it promptly.


We do not gather or publish mailing lists.  We do, however:  1) allow persons doing research on related family lines to list their contact information here; 2) invite persons to send us their e-mail address for copies of future Research Journals; and 3) allow persons who maintain extended family members lists to provide their contact information here.  All such persons, and not the website, are responsible for any information listed here.


If you submit any thing to us for publication, you give us permission to publish your name and address as the contributor of the information you submitted. This is to identify you as the responsible source, and to help others to coordinate research with you.


Our web site contains links to other sites.  We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites.


E-mail addresses of those who communicate with our web site via e-mail will not be shared with other organizations for commercial purposes.


We use a standard GEDCOM utility to strip out data on living persons before publishing any such database genealogies on this web site.

bullet We do not gather your IP address for any purpose whatsoever.

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Workers Wanted

     This is our Family Library/Center.  It is unique because it was created to be both used and donated to by everyone – 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world!  It belongs to all of us.  It will be as good and successful as we make it.

     Becoming a donor of materials, and/or helping others to convert their donations into computer files for uploading to the Library/Center web site, or serving as a staff coordinator or associate in the Library/Center makes you a Worker who is Wanted!  If you want to help, there is a place for you in the Library/Center!

     Wanted Workers become the participating cousins’ staff at the Library/Center.  If you enjoy service, please volunteer your time and skills to work at your own pace, time and place.  Remember the Library/Center is open 24 hours a day, so you can come and go as you please, anywhere in the world.

     To volunteer, please see contact the Library/Center Coordinator, Jim Klein, either by calling 480-969-0032, by mail to 2038 East Kael Circle, Mesa, Arizona 85312, or by email to librarian.brownhistory@gmail.com.  Thank you.

Thank you!

     We at the Library/Center, and all of our users. patrons and donors, sincerely thank each and every one else who donates and uses these facilities and materials.  

     Without you, the Library/Center and its materials would not be here or used, and the Library/Center could never meet its family purposes.

    Thanks, again!

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