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Library and Main Index

The key to finding any thing and every thing in the Library is located in the numerous Indexes and Lists found in the Brown Family History Library and Center.

The current Indexes and Lists are found in the:

Library Entrance Page - a summary of Indexes and Files.
Library and Main Index - lists alphabetically all Library/Center Indexes and Files, and is shown below.
Library Files - a separate alphabetical list of all Files.

Note: You may search this brownhistory.org website for any subject by using Google. In the Google search window, type the name of this website followed by the search terms in quotes, for example: brownhistory.org "orson pratt brown".

Library and Main Index

Ancestral Surname Files
Ancestral Pages – see Ancestral Surname Files; Surname Index;
Prominent Descendents 

Library/Center - Home Page
Center - Entrance
Library - Entrance
Library/Center Policies and Procedures:

*Our Library/Center
*Users and Patrons
*Donating Materials
*Document Certification
*Document Data
*Copyrights and Owner Restrictions
*Privacy Policy
*Workers Wanted
*Thank you!

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Captain James Brown History Project

Center Index:

*Reunions and Activities
*Groups and Organizations
*Extended Family Contacts
*Research Projects
*Lists of Family Members
*Family Internet Links
*Other Internet Links
*Library and Main Index
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*Brown Family History Center
*Getting Started
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Copyrights and Owner Restrictions

DNA -Brown Studies
Document Certification
Document Data
Document Files – see Library Files Index

Donors Index
Donating Materials

Extended Family Contacts

Family Organizations and Groups
GEDCOM Files – see Genealogies

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How to:

*Getting Started in genealogy and family history
*Use Materials in the Library/Center
*Submit Materials to the Library/Center
*Work in the Library/Center


*Ancestral Surname Files
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Internet Sites:

*Family Internet Links
*Other Internet Links

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Journal Index - See Research Journals Index
Klein Storrs Family Association
Library and Main Index
Library Files Index
Lists of Family Members
- see also Extended Family Contacts; Donors

Main Index – see Library and Main Index
O. James Brown Klein
PAF Files – see Genealogies 
Prominent Descendents

Research Journal Index:

  1. Winter 2000 Index W&M Brown Research Journal – published June 10, 2000
  2. Spring 2000 Index W&M Brown Research Journal – published June 30, 2000
  3. Summer 2000 Index W&M Brown Research Journal – published September 30, 2000
  4. Fall 2000 Index W&M Brown Research Journal – published December 31, 2000
  5. Winter 2001 Index W&M Brown Research Journal – published March 31, 2001
  6. Spring 2001 Index W&M Brown Research Journal – published June 30, 2001
  7. Summer 2001 Index W&M Brown Research Journal – published September 30, 2001

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Research Projects
Research Sources
Reunions and Activities

Organizations, Family – see Family Organizations and Groups
Representatives, Family – see Extended Family Contacts; Donors

Special Collections Index
Surname Index

Users and Patrons
What’s New?
Workers Wanted!

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