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Ancestral Surname File

James Stephens Brown


James Stephens Brown


James Stephens Brown

Histories of James Stephens Brown
His Wives and Children


Histories of James Stephens Brown

James S. Brown Giant of the Lord - Life of a Pioneer (Autobiography) (1902).  Brown, James Stephens, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1960.  Publisher:  Publishers Press and Bookcraft, Inc.  542 pages.  Courtesy of Arlene Miller.

Journal of James S. Brown, Part I, Section III, 1849 and 1869, pages 2 - 6, James Stephens Brown, copied by Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, 1968.  See James Stephens Brown - Parent's Genealogies.

James Stephens Brown in Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia Vol. III, Andrew Jenson, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1920. Pages 30-31.  See James Stephens Brown History - Jenson.

James Stephens Brown in The Brown Family, Daniel and Elizabeth Brown and Their Descendents, Erold C. Wiscombe, available in the Salt Lake City Family History Library, 700 pages, 1986.  See Wiscombe's Book - James Stephens Brown.

James S. Brown Journal - Parent's Genealogies

James S. Brown Journals

His Parents’ Declarations of Their Genealogies

[Note: Original spelling and punctuation maintained].

March 1849                                                                                                             James S. Brown, Page 2

[Two pages are left blank.]

Calhoun Harison County Iowa

March 8th 1849

This day I, James S. Brown 3rd, Trace back the geneolegy of my Ancesters By information of my Father Daniel Brown. An I Shal comence back as fare as my father can giv me an a count of his Fathers and then on down to my an generation with a design to continy the histry and hav it continud from generation to generation. That my postarity may know from whence they Sprang. An who their ancesters was and so forth. Thus I comence the inquiry of My Father in his own hous.

James Brown was Born in the year 1757 in the State of North Carlina Roann County. And was maried in the same state and county to the widow of John Emberson Who was killed in the Revelution War, the Widow had 2 children a son and Dauter Marget and John She bore to James Brown 9 children 3 sones and 6 dauters whos Names was as folows Jane; Poly; Nancy; Susan; Patsy Willian; Obiedianc; the Next was a Name sake James and Then Daniel my Father who transmits the abov information to me The Widow Embersons Madon Name was Mary Williams.

James Brown was of Portigee and English Decent And his wife was of English Irish, Decent; Neither of them had any Education a tall; And theire progeneters kept, So we canot go any further Back than; them, James, Brown, volenterd in the serves of the United States of America when he was 20 years old and served as a private Solder, but it is not known how long he served. He was a farmer ful of life and as Ambitious as a Tiger was a Smart But Rood man. And continud So; far about 30 years at which time he atatched him self with his wife to the Unided Baptis church After which he became Very pious and morel and live So to the day of his deth which curd in the fore said,

March, 1849                                                                                                         James S. Brown, Page 3

County and State; on the 27 day of March 1823, Daniel Brown was Born June 30th 1806 in the county of Roann State of North Calina, North America Being the youngest; of the famly remaind At home till his father dide and on the 18 of October 1823 he maried Elizabeth Stephens Who was Born in the same county and State; on the 10 of Febuary; 1809.

He (Daniel Brown) Remaind on his Fathers Farm and caried it on, till Oct. 6th, 1831 during which time he had the bad luck to have 2 houses burnd down with all the contents their of, one was Burnd down in 1824 the other one in 1831.

At which time he resolved to try his luck in some other country So on the 6 of October 1831 he led out of that State bound for the State of Illinois; he was the first one of his famly or the Stephens famly, Bringing with him besides his one wife and 6 children Alexander and John Stephens, Bothers of his wife; but Single men and Poly and Nancy brown two of his one Sisters that Old Maids, and a Nephiew By the Name of Homer Jackson a Sisters Sone;

He had a wagen and 2 horses for his teeam; thus he camenced a camp life with Travling through the States of Verginey and Tenice [Tennessee] and Cantucky from thence through Ohio Indiania; into Illinois Morgin county a bout 25 miles S.E. of the Illinois, R—here he obetaind a log School Hous on the 18 of December; Being a Farmer he Chopt and Split rails through the winter thus he suported his famly untill the 10 of march then left his famly and crost over the R. in to Schyler County which was at that time a wild an desalate Save a very fiew inhabitenc; It was full of wild Beast Such as the Panther and Black and Gray wolf and Dear in great a bundenc Wild cats Rockoans and Posson their was a great many Turkeys, At this time their was plenty of wild Beestes this being the condtion of the country and a very grait a mount of fertile lands that lay vakent; He being naturley

March, 1849                                                                                                         James S. Brown, Page 4

inclind to a hunters life he resolved to Select him a home in this wildrenes country and a cordingly found a location in one mile and a half of the Illinois and Went to work and put up a cabing; then returnd to morgen, county, and moved the famley a crost on, the 15 day of Aprile to his log cabing their he remaind; and Opend a farm of a bout; 80 Achors, and planted out a Small Aucherd, Bult Additions to his hous and a larg Barn and Stables with other aut hauses, Suported his famly in very adverse Scircomstances; Being So Fare from wher their was any Schools he was un able to Educat; his Children as was his urnest desire he remaind in this plase in quiteness and with his famly indurd a graideel of hard Sickness fever and Auge and So faurth; And paid out a great a mount of money---for Medical Aid; Him nor; his wife Never had a tatched them Selfs to any Religious denomination untill 1840 his wife atatchd her Self to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Sants undr the hands of Jacob Fauts and in 1842 he atatched his Self to the Same church inder the hand of Eden Smith Elders of Said Church; he remaind on his farm wher he firs Setled untill May 1st, 1846 At which time the church of which they was members; was driven from Nauvoo Hancock, County, State of Illinois; in to the west part of Iowa He reolved to follow them and a cordingly Broke up his home, Sacry fised his property and on the 1st day of may 1846 Set out for to hunt a, Niew home in the willdreness leaving his famly as before Set out and maid them a home in the wilds of Iowa on the head waters of Greand R here he winterd till the 25 of April 1847 he left that plasis with the Same Obeject in view which promped him to leav his home in Illinois thus he continu his Journey to what was caled Winter quaters; onth West Side of the Masouria R, in the Indien Teritory Now called Nebrasca Teritory Where he rived on the 4 of May; her he raised a crop and Staid over the winter

And in the Spring of 1848 On acount of Sickness of the famley and los of property and Many other misfortuns Rended hin unable to a complish

March, 1849                                                                                                            James S. Brown, Page 5

the Journey that Being a very un helthy country and infested with hostile Indien Tribes he resolvd to return to the East Side of the R and a game Set out in the Month of Febuary to Seek a home and resting place forehis famly Being all most entirely destitut of the Nesesary comfurts of life He a gain Braved the Storms of Febuary A mid the howling Wolfs and wild Best of the Foriest to—provide rest and sustainenc for his famly on the 10 of Febuary he found a location that Suited him 10 miles from any Whit inhabitanc and went to improving by Building a log cabing Then returnd to his famley moved them to the location wher he a rived on the 3 of April And After moving his famly he Started on the 6 to the State of Mosouria to precore frovisions for the famly as they had but very litle to SubeSist an he left them having 100 hundred miles to Travel; and then work by dayes works to obetain what he got whilst he was gon the Omahaw Indiens came in and Robed the Famley of all that they See fit to take which was a bout all that the famly had So when he came home he found his famley in the worst condition that they ever had bin in be fore; All though he Braut home with him a good Suply of Flower, Meal, and Bacon, Which Gladend the heart of his Sufring famly

Then with unweried patianc and perciverents he opend a farm of 100 Achors Turning over the Sod Subedud it wild Natur and By the Blesings of an All wise an mercifell creater; Caused it to bring fourth in great a bundanc to feed and purchus clothing for his famly and a comidated the, hunter the wered travler with Shelter and refreshments; And in July 6th 1853 he had 65 acors of his land laid of in to Town Lots and became the prinsable proprieter Built him a larg Tavern hous and Stabling Crrils an an Smoke hous and has a very good Stalk of horses and Cattle hogs and so fourth. At this time they hav a good School and a bout 50 or 60 houses, Built on the plot

[Three quarters of the page is left blank.]

17. Ward. Salt, Lake. City. October, 12 1869


October, 1869                                                                                                          James S. Brown, Page 6

I James, S, Brown, Set my Self in my own House With My Mother, By my side and trase Back the geneology of her Father and Mother.

Alexander Stephens Was Maried in Roan County State of North Carlina; North, America, To Poly or (Mary) Daly Who was Born in the a fore Said county and, State,

They atatched themselves to the Baptes Church and lived and dide members of the Same They Raised a Famley of 11 childrn Named as folows, William, then, Hanner, and Marthey, then Elizabeth who was my Mother, then John the Alexander, then Mary or (Poly) then Davied, then Daniel, Ruhsimah, Susan,

The Brothers of my Grand Father Alaxander Stephens was John, William; James, and Richard his Sisters was Named Mary or (Poly) Sarah then Janey;] Mary Maried Isaack, Coton, they had a Son that was Sires and a dauter that was caled Elizabeth.

Sarah, Maried a man By the Name of Port Nusom, rather a hard man, We hav not any more a Bout that Branch of the P Famley; Side of the Mother is comenced

William Daly was Born in Irland, came to North America when; a bout 13 years olde, and Maried Mary Palmer in North Calina

His famley was Named as folows Edmon; who Maried Anna Rusel, (then Charles, who Maried for his second wife Rebecah Cank,) William, and John, and James; then Davied; and Hanah; Who maried Myre Pain rather a hard man Then Sariah Who dide when a bout 12 years old; all the Born in Bav North Carolina;

The Brothers of Mary Palmer; Was James and the Siste Was Rohaamha She maried Abrahan Pipenger; then Hanah who maried James Briges) Sarah Who maried Alaxander Smith; a hard man; they had a son by the Name of Edmond and one John; and Thomas; then Hanah then Jeney who mareid a man by the name of Thomas Warner

This is all that I can learn a bout my ancesters and theirs


Document Data

Notes:        Original spellings and punctuation maintained.
Sources:     James Stephens Brown, Journal of James S. Brown, Part I, Section III, 1849 and 1869, pages 2 - 6, copied by 
                  Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, 1968.
Copyright:  Used by permission.
Level:         A (document verified and proofed by a person other than transcriber or typist).
Certificate:  Document Donor: Jim Klein, June 7, 2000. Transcribed: Maria Klein, June 2,
                  2000. Verified/Proofed: Karen Klein, June 7, 2000. See Donors.

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James Stephens Brown History - Jenson

James Stephens Brown

By Andrew Jenson

BROWN, James Stephens, a Utah pioneer and a successful Latter-day Saint missionary, was born July 4, 1828, in Davidson county, North Carolina, the son of Daniel Brown and Elizabeth Stephens. Becoming a convert to "Mormonism," he was baptized in 1844 and joined the "Mormon" exiles as they were being driven away from Illinois. Bro. Brown participated in the exodus, and after the arrival on the Missouri river he enlisted in the Mormon Battalion and marched all the way to California as a member of that illustrious body. After his discharge in California in 1847, he, together with others of the "Mormon" boys found employment with a Mr. Sutter on the Sacramento River and was one of those Mormon boys who first discovered gold in California.

In 1848 he arrived in Salt Lake Valley, where he passed through all the experiences incident to pioneer life. He was ordained a Seventy and became a member of the third quorum of Seventy. In the fall of 1849 he was called on a mission to the Society Islands which mission he filled with great diligence and much success, passing through experiences and hardships, which even for a "Mormon" missionary were exceptionally dangerous and hard. On one occasion, when the natives threatened to burn him at the stake, he was saved by the miraculous power of God.

After being at length expelled from the Society Islands by the French authorities, he returned to Utah, and was for a number of years closely associated with Indian missions, in which labor he was again very successful. Sept. 23, 1862, he returned to Salt Lake City after having filled a successful mission to Great Britain. Soon after his return from that mission he met with a severe accident by which he lost one of his legs and was thus maimed for the remainder of his days. For a number of years he spent much of his time lecturing in different parts of the Territory, for notwithstanding his limited education he was a most interesting speaker. In 1892-1893 he filled another successful mission to the Society Islands. In 1898 he was invited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of gold in California. He being one of the original discoverers, was made a guest of honor on that occasion. Bro. Brown died March 25, 1902, at his home in Salt Lake City, leaving a large posterity. Before his death he wrote an interesting sketch of his life which was published in book form under the title "Life as a Pioneer," being the Autobiography of James S. Brown," in which interesting work the details of Bro. Brown’s life are depicted in a way calculated to inspire faith and confidence in the great Latter-day Work, to which Bro. Brown devoted his life’s strength and energy.

During his lifetime Bro. Brown married four wives. His first wife was Lydia Jane Tanner. The names of her children are Lydia J. Rachel Elizabeth, Emeretta, James T., Zina May, August, and Valentine. His second wife was Rebecca Ann McBride, whom he married in September, 1854. The names of her children were Deseret, Daniel, Alveretta, Vantile Mac, Burtina, Pauline, Homer, and Alphonso. His third wife was Eliza Lester, whom he married Jan. 31, 1863, and who bore him nine children. Their names are Leo, Zimania Wilford, Elando, Annie Eliza, Frank Lester, Charles, Sarah-Emma, and Ada. His last wife was Elizabeth Clegg, whom he married March 4, 1872, and whose children were named Mary Lillious, Gaurdello, Mark C., Benjamin Joseph, Louetta, and Myrtle J. At his death Elder Brown was survived by three of his wives and twenty-one of the above named children, all of whom are members of the Church in which Elder Brown had implicit faith and in whose service he spent the greater part of his life.


Document Data

Notes:          None.
Sources:       Jenson, Andrew. Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia Vol. III. Salt Lake City, Utah, 1920. Pages 30-31.
Copyright:     Public document.
Level:           A (document verified and proofed by a person other than transcriber or typist).
Certificate:    Document Donor: Jim Klein, June 6, 2000. Transcribed: Maria Klein, June 2, 2000.
                    Verified/Proofed: Karen Klein, June 6, 2000. See Donors.

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His Wives and Children

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