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Brown DNA Studies

        We are aware of the following Brown DNA Studies.  Please keep us updated.  Thank you.

A.  Autosomal DNA Studies

     1.  One set of
autosomal DNA tests were done January 2010 relating to the William Brown (c.1717-1772) family.  They show, among other important things, that the mother of William Brown (c.1717-1772) was an Algonquian Abenaki Native American with Portuguese Ancestry.  See Mrs. Brown (c.1695) was an Abenaki Native American with Portuguese Ancestry.

B.  Y-DNA (Male) Surname Studies

      1.  To assist Brown’s (and related male surnames) in genealogy research, a Brown/Browne/Braun/etc. Surname DNA Study was started July 2004.  Two male descendants of William and Margaret Brown have participated in that DNA Study.  They are Paul V. Brown, a descendant of William and Margaret Brown > James Brown > Daniel Brown (1804-1875), at readbofm@yahoo.com, and Albert D. Brown, a descendant of William and Margaret Brown > James Brown > Captain James Brown (1801-1863), at aldar.email@gmail.com.  See Donors for their Brown ancestral line.  The results of their participation was the creation of a Brown Sub-Group No. 157 which may be seen at http://brownsociety.org/browndna/groups140andHigher.htm.  The DNA Project Co-Administrator is a Jim Brown (James Armistead Brown, Jr.), who may be contacted at DNAforBrowns@aol.com if you have questions or would like to participate in the Study.  His Brown Genealogy Society website is http://www.brownsociety.org/.

     Male Browns, Brownes, Brauns, Brouns, Bruns, Brownings, Brownlees, and others with related surnames are all invited to become DNA test participants in the Brown/Browne/Braun/etc. Surname DNA Study

     DNA testing involves a simple procedure of using a DNA test kit, swabbing the mouth and sending the samples to a university DNA research center.  The test results are provided to the test participant, and can be coordinated with the Brown Study Group, if desired.  The testing does cost, and the participant chooses the level of testing/cost desired.

     The aims of this Brown study are to use DNA from the Y chromosome (yDNA) not only to find relationships between Brown families who previously had no knowledge about their mutual kinship, but also to confirm or disprove relationships between Brown families who previously have believed they were related, but do not have totally satisfactory "paper" genealogies as proof. 

     A direct test participant must always be a male who either (1) descends in an unbroken male-to-male line from a Brown-surnamed male ancestor (including variant surnames), or (2) who has reason to believe he may descend from such an ancestor.

     (Females do not carry the type of DNA needed for testing in this -- or any other -- surname-tracing study, although female project members are always welcome if they wish to  recruit a male relative for testing.)

     ANYONE interested in Brown/Browne/Braun/etc. genealogy is encouraged to join the project's mailing list.  Please visit the hosting website for details:  http://brownsociety.org

     If you have specific questions about the Brown/Browne/Braun/etc. Surname DNA Study, please send an Email to:  DNAforBrowns@aol.com

C.  DNA Testing Services

     It is a very personal decision to have your DNA tested.  DNA testing is an evolving field, with improvements occurring regularly. There are now a number of different DNA tests and DNA testing companies available.  Our Brown Library does not recommend any test or testing company.  Do your research on the Web before deciding.  Search DNA testing and other related subjects to learn more about this exciting family genealogy option.

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